Custom Made Dresses for Special Occasions

Your dress does not have to be a ballgown.  It does have to help you look and feel your most beautiful. Feel free to choose any dress that works for your ceremony and reception, for your friends, for your life style. 

credit: Geoff Hansen Photographer

credit: Geoff Hansen Photographer

Polka Dot Dance Dress


This design started with the shoes.  We needed fabric that was silver and white.  The bride loves polka dots and the right fabric was in New York.  She had such a good time, she wanted another one, and two years later I re-used the pattern to make her a black dress, this  one black faille with velvet polka dots.


Casual Silk Dress with Floating Panels

For her garden wedding, Hilary wanted a short dress in a casual silk broadcloth, with layers that float and a neckline cut down to the waist in back.  Not traditional, but perfect for her style, her ceremony, and her party.